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Compressed Air Treatment, Monitoring and Auditing

Compressed Air Auditing

CS Air Services offers a wide range of compressed air auditing, including air flow, dew point, and pressure monitoring as well as leakage determination, particle counting and oil vapour carry over.

Air audits are tailored for each compressed air system and the customers needs. They can range from a simple dew point performance test to complex multi week audits including the energy performance of multiple compressors, air flows throughout the plant, leakage determination and pressure profiling throughout the system.

Our reports include energy optimisation recommendations with the expected return of investment time periods. Our staff has done energy audits for the national cleaner production centre (NCPC) in connection with UNIDO. CS AIr Services is also affiliated with the European energy manager program (EUREM).

Another aspect we focus on are compressed air quality tests according to ISO 8573. These are mostly relevant for the food, hospital and pharmaceutical industries but also include breathing air applications in mines. These tests include dew point monitoring, particle counting and oil vapour carry over, to mention a few.


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