CS Air Services

Compressed Air Treatment, Monitoring and Auditing

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At CS Air Services we love to optimize and help other companies to become more energy efficient and productive. Our area of expertise is compressed air and we focus on compressed air treatment, monitoring and auditing.

Every compressed air system is different and needs to fulfill different requirements. Wrongly specified filters and/ or driers can lead to undesired downtimes and are often the cause for poor air quality and high pressure drops, leading to inefficiently run systems with high energy consumptions.

Our services include Air Auditing, where we carry out compressed air quality, usage and energy assessments with the aim to give recommendations on how to improve the compressed air system.

Furthermore we offer a comprehensive range of compressed air treatment and monitoring equipment, consisting of compressed air driers, filters, drains, oil and water separators as well as compressed air measuring equipment, including air flow-, dew point-, pressure- and power consumption sensors, just to name a few.

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